Application of X-ray Scattering in the Study of Inorganic Salt Solution Structure 
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中文关键词:  X射线散射法  溶液结构  溶剂化  接触离子对
英文关键词:X-ray sacttering  Solution structure  Solvation  Contact ion pairs
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河北工业大学 教育部海水资源高效利用技术工程研究中心,天津 300130 
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      The X-ray scattering technique is a powerful tool for the study of solution structures.It is a method with a long history used to study the solution microstructure.In recent years,with the rapid development of science and technology,X-ray scattering is becoming more and more mature.The specific structural parameters can be obtained from the radial distribution function of X-ray scattering.Therefore,this method has been widely used in the study of solution structure.Many scholars have studied the solvation of various ions in water by X-ray scattering.They have made great achievements,including the determinations of hydration numbers and hydration radius of different ions,as well as the effect of temperature,concentration,pressure and other factors on the ion hydration structures.Besides,the second hydration layer is also involved in some of these studies.In this paper,the research objects are classified according to the alkali metal ions,alkali-earth metal ions,heavy metal ions,rare earth ions,halogen ions,oxyacid ions.And the results obtained by X-ray scattering in the solution structure are summarized.On the basis of a systematic summary of these results,the present situation of the study on the structure of aqueous solution by X-ray sacttering is analyzed,and the prospect of this field is discussed.
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